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Who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to double their investment?

Professional Leadership Group (PLG) wants to give you improved operations through successfully motivated staff and - at the same time - help you increase your corporate giving to charitable causes in your community. Both your bottom-line and your philanthropic concerns are enriched by the experience.

Interested? Read on!

PLG uniquely comes along side your organization and engages your fellow leaders in fun – yet insightful - ways to help:

  1. Creates purpose within teams at every level
  2. Ability to work towards common goals
  3. Reinforcement of company values
  4. Motivation for teams in continuing to progress
  5. Focus upon the journey of your company
  6. Energizing alternatives to “time in the conference room”
  7. Build relationships and have fun

We offer a one-of-a-kind Company Olympics at beautiful Pleasant Harbor Marine Resort, nestled along the shores of the Hood Canal. Through a series of inter-department team competitions, everyone is a winner as they challenge themselves and each other in races against the clock and personal bests.

Each day of Company Olympics is concluded with good food, plenty of laughs, podium trophy presentations, and gold-medal caliper “edu-tainment”, leaving a lasting legacy of memories and productivity outcomes proven to help your team reach new heights.

Each fall PLG brings back top preforming teams for the PLG Tournament of Champions. Imagine the legacy of pride your organization would feel in being awarded BEST in the region!

We also know that your phone is ringing off the hook with calls to give and assist. Worthy philanthropic causes are on the rise, yet your bandwidth for answering their call … Simply cannot keep up!

If you already have a non-profit charity you regularly contribute to, wonderful! Rest in the knowledge that PLG also partners with a number of wonderful non-profits in your area that are making real change in our world. From the Olympic Peninsula chapter of Boeing Bluebills, to youth sailing outreach of NW Maritime Center, to global relief efforts of World Vision. Your organizations participation in the PLG Company Olympics can reward both your team members and your worthy non-profit

Contact PLG today to learn how you can enjoy the double victory of: Growing your organization and Giving to a worthwhile charity in your community.