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Your Route To Success


In today’s challenging and ever changing work environment, the emphasis on communicating with your workforce and building a corporate culture is greater than ever before. The Harvard Business Review under-pins the need for companies to create organizations that strive to think of clever and different ways to communicate.

With PLG you can take your committed employees to a higher level, inspire those who are merely putting in the time and convert discontentment into enthusiasm. Successful teams have clear expectations and a common purpose. PLG Team Building and Leadership Training empowers and motivates your staff to work together and be successful.

We have designed innovative people development programmes catering to large, medium and small corporations, local government and not-for-profit organizations. Through the leadership of our founder Dr. Garth Mann, PLG provides a winning combination of intellectual stimulation and fun engagement, living out an ethos of ‘What a beautiful way to inspire’.

This formula works in every activity we design, winning critical acclaim from those who engage our services.


  • Creates purpose within teams at every level
  • Ability to work towards common goals
  • Reinforcement of company values
  • Motivation for teams in continuing to progress
  • Focus upon the journey of your company
  • Energizing alternatives to “time in the conference room”
  • Build relationships and have fun
PLG Benefits

Professional Leadership Group enhances your company by identifying the importance of mini-leaders to motivate their peers.